We need to see you

to trust you

Investing in a collection of high quality and fresh images of the 'human' behind your brand is crucial to the success of your business.

Why professional photos are a game changer for your business

They define your visual identity

Be recognised, remembered and trusted with consistent brand imagery.

They attract a loyal following

Share your values through authentic imagery and your dream clients will feel compelled to buy from you.

They're relevant and meaningful

Replace generic stock photos with actual behind-the-scenes imagery of your business.

They upgrade you to 'expert' status

Professional photos give you industry cred. They help to differentiate the leaders from the amateurs.

How personal brand photos will upgrade your life

You'll have plenty of relevant content

It's a real stress reliever knowing your photos are 'on brand' and adding value.

You can test out the dream you

Step into the person you want to be, sharing the work you are passionate about.

Jade from She's Got Style seated on the floor looking through interior samples during her personal branding shoot

You'll magnetise your ideal client

Use your unique brand personality as a filter to appeal to your dream niche.

You'll finally feel recognised

Confidently pitch your business knowing you have magazine-worthy imagery.


I'm Jo/Joanna/Joey, your personal and business branding photographer with an obsession for captivating imagery that will take your business to the next level.


“Jo brings creativity, warmth and joy to every session she shoots. I've had the pleasure of working with Jo often, and quite simply, I love her work.”

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