I was asked yesterday why I chose 'BLOOM' as my business name? Why didn't I just use my existing business name, Joanna Kate Photography?


Joanna Kate Photography is my first-born business (est. 2011) for family photography and intimate events. I love it just the way it is, and my clients do too.


So when I decided to launch Bloom Branding Photography (even though I had been photographing commercial clients for years) I was excited to create an entirely new space. A brand new business baby, where I could use my photography expertise, marketing passion, graphic design skills and study of interiors architecture. It's a whole other side of me that I haven't shared much of before.


Most importantly, the name BLOOM is a symbol of finally feeling enough. It represents many years of fighting shitty depression and anxiety and eventually finding my way here --- to my OWN version of success.


Bloom is feeling joyful, fulfilled, passionate, grateful, excited, creative, curious and hopeful. It's got nothing to do with money or kudos and everything to do with the epic people I'm surrounded by.


I bloom when I help passionate people like you share your gift with the world.


I bloom when I photograph business owners like you, feeling scared to put yourself out there, but brave enough to put your trust in me.


I bloom when dream clients like you allow me to capture more than just your headshot, but a whole other dimension of yourself. And when you make meaningful connections with others by sharing what makes YOU bloom.