A story about who you are

It’s a collection of intentional and influential photos of ‘you’ for your business or brand. The photographer captures essential headshots and profile photos of you, then expands into more creative portraits and behind-the-scenes imagery that tell a story about who you are, what you do and who you work with.

Lisa Twohig poses for her professional headshot wearing a pastel green linen suit and matching green earrings.
Lisa Twohig sits at a table surrounded by styled props during her photo shoot at Bloom Branding Photography.

Carefully planned & styled

Often the photos are aligned to your marketing strategy or campaign, but not always. At the very minimum, the photo shoot is carefully planned and styled to express the vibe or essence of your brand and attract or influence your dream client.

Sarah Mundell form Sarah Kate Co leans on the kitchen bench laughing at Joanna from Bloom Branding Photography.

A specific story or message

Location, backdrop, props, outfits, accessories, poses, and expressions are usually decided prior to your shoot so that they tell a specific story or message about your brand or service or product. You and your photographer decide ‘how’ you want to be seen by the people you want to buy from you.

Dia seated on moped posing for her personal branding shoot against an ivy wall at West End.
Dia stretches and looks off camera smiling as candid headshot is captured.
Dia laughs and leans into camera with hands on hips as she is photographed in front of a West End mural.
Dia laughs comfortably for her headshot against a grey backdrop in the Bloom Branding Photography studio.
Low angle view of Dia standing against Red Hill Cinema mural being photographed for her personal brand shoot.
During her photo shoot Dia checks her phone as she leans against blue painted brick wall on Montague Road, West End.

Brand photos are valuable 'assets'

The resulting photos are valuable assets for your business and can be used absolutely everywhere; from profile photos, your website and social media content, to marketing materials like price lists, sales pages and guides.